We survived #strandafjordtrailrace and this is one of our rewards: our cabin has a hot tub with a view 🌄. Like @sershammar once said: Sweden is Norway’s uglier sibling. . . . #gaytravel #norway #gaysofinstagram #hottubwithaview

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The three musketeers of #theDespacitoDash. Seriously, Norway is so breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn’t matter that the speed limit is often lower than 80 km/h . . . #gaytravel #thedespacitodash #norway #earthporn

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There’s a fountain in front of our hotel. It’s a rabbit that is crying. I’m not sure what to make of this. Suggestions? Also, we’re in Norway to run the Stranda Fjord Trail Race and @pirretmi just named this trip “The Despacito Dash” . . . #gaytravel #gaysofinstagram #thedespacitodash

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